Our Partnership with the Food Pantry

As the summmer days went on we thought of writing blogs quite often. The thought was always: 'When things slow down a little, we will take the time to write one." We have been on amazing waterfall hikes, discovered new beaches, put more miles on our runners than we ever thought we would have (Bryan), and started a home garden that we always knew we were capabale of (Lise). Life has a funny way of taking those 'when things slow down' moments and never letting its tight grip off of them though.

Starting our business on Maui just over one year ago: 9/16/16, has been such an exciting adventure! While the two of us have a combined experince in the grocery delivery business of 8 years, for some reason running a business with our own customers, our own resort and vacation rental contacts, and our own way of operating has shed so much light on the RIGHT way to do things. For us, being fair and honest is as important as anything else we get our hands dirty with. Since starting our business, we've learned the best places to get EXACTLY what our customers want, the fairest pricing, the way people prefer to be communicated with, and what we believe is the most efficient process for getting it all done.

As a couple, we share many of the same values: Our faith, family relationships, and the way in which we treat other people being at the core of those. Since creating Maui Market Delivery, in addition to our own personal charitable donations, we have been giving a percentage of our Gross Sales to the Calvary Chapel South Maui Food Bank now totalling more than $2,000 for our first calendar year of business. With the upcoming completion of the Church's new remodeled building, the Food Bank will soon be operational again and we hope our donations can create a good supply to stock the Food Pantry and get it off and running to a great start. We also are looking forward to becoming active volunteers in this ministry and finding creative ways to not only provide non-perishable items, but also fruit, vegetables, and other healthy perishable options for those coming to the Food Pantry. In addition to the operational side of running a food pantry, we hope to assist other Calvary Chapel members in walking side by side with those needing assistance on Maui and rehabilitating them from the ground up. Making this service to our community one that does not just simply pass out food to eat, but encouarges those who are ready to be self-sufficient and have their own homes, jobs, and successful lives

As a reminder, for every order placed at you are supporting the less fortunate on Maui. For more information on Calvary Chapel South Maui and their food bank (when it is fully operational and serving the community) or to support the ministry more on your own, please visit Calvary Chapel South Maui

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