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*Our delivery fee is 30% of the store's receipt subtotal. For orders under $100 there is a flat-rate $30 fee (no % charge). To ensure that your order is waiting for you upon arrival, please complete this form at least 24 hours prior to check-in.

**Due to grocery store price fluctuations and seasonal availability, we do not have prices listed on our website. The final bill will be taken from the receipt of the grocery store we shop at for your order.

Select your grocery items from the menu below


  *Other Fruit
  *Other Fruit
  *Other Fruit
  Corn on the Cob
  Green Beans
  Lettuce-Green Leaf
  Salad Bag
  *Other Vegetables
  *Other Vegetables
  *Other Vegetables


  MEATS (1lb unless specified)
  Roast Beef
  *Other Meat
  *Other Meat
  CHEESE (1lb unless specified)
  *Other Cheese
  *Other Cheese

Dairy & Eggs

  Cottage Cheese
  Cream Cheese
  Half and Half
  Sour Cream
  Whipped Cream (Can)
  Yogurt #1
  Yogurt #2
  *Other Dairy
  *Other Dairy


  Blue Cheese
  Goat Cheese
  Kraft Singles
  Monterey Jack
  Shredded Cheddar
  Shredded Monterey Jack
  Shredded Mozzarella
  Cheese Slice Tray
  *Other Cheese
  *Other Cheese

Condiments, Spices, & Spreads

  All Spice
  BBQ Sauce
  Chip Dip
  Chocolate Syrup
  Crushed Red Pepper
  Garlic Powder
  Garlic Salt
  Gravy Mixes
  Hot Sauce
  Olive Oil
  Onion Soup Mix
  Peanut Butter
  Salad Dressing #1
  Salad Dressing #2
  Soy Sauce
  Spaghetti Sauce
  Steak Sauce
  Tomato Sauce
  Worchester Sauce


  English Muffins
  Hamburger Buns
  Hot Dog Buns
  French Bread
  Italian Bread
  Rye Bread
  Wheat Bread
  White Bread
  Whole Grain Bread

Pasta, Rice, & Canned Goods

  Angel Hair
  Mac & Cheese
  Macaroni Elbows
  Rice-Long Grain
  Canned Beans-Black
  Canned Beans-Garbanzo
  Canned Beans-Kidney
  Canned Chili
  Canned Corn
  Canned Fruit
  Canned Salmon
  Canned Soup #1
  Canned Soup #2
  Canned SPAM
  Canned Tuna
  Canned Vegetables
  *Other-Canned Foods
  *Other-Canned Foods
  *Other-Canned Foods

Breakfast, Snacks, & Sweets

  Cereal #1
  Cereal #2
  Cereal #3
  Coffee #1
  Coffee #2
  Coffee #3
  Granola Bars
  Hot Cocoa
  Oatmeal-Individual Packets
  Pancake Mix
  Water Crackers
  Microwave Popcorn
  Candy #1
  Candy #2
  Candy #3
  Cookies #1
  Cookies #2

Baking & Mixes

  Brownie Mix
  Cake Mix
  Cinnamon Rolls
  Cookie Dough
  Crescent Rolls

Frozen Foods

  Chicken Fingers
  Chicken Wings
  French Fries
  Fruit #1
  Fruit #2
  Ice Cream #1
  Ice Cream #2
  Ice Cream/Novelties
  Meats #1
  Meats #2
  Pizza #1
  Pizza #2
  Pizza #3
  Tater Tots
  TV Dinners
  Vegetables #1
  Vegetables #2
  *Other-Frozen Foods
  *Other-Frozen Foods
  *Other-Frozen Foods
  *Other-Frozen Foods
  *Other-Frozen Foods

Meats & Protein

  Quantity of 1 = 1 Package
  Bacon #1
  Bacon #2
  Breakfast Sausage
  Chicken #1
  Chicken #2
  Ground Beef
  Ground Sausage
  Ground Turkey
  Ham (Whole)
  Hamburger Patties
  Hot Dogs
  Pork #1
  Pork #2
  Sausage (Specify Type)
  Seafood-Ahi (Tuna)
  Seafood-Mahi Mahi
  Seafood-Poke (Specify)
  Steak #1
  Steak #2
  Turkey (Whole)
  Black Bean Burgers


  Bottled Water (24pk)
  Bottled Water (6pk)
  Premium Water (24pk)
  Premium Water (6pk)
  Bottled Water (Gallon)
  Club Soda
  Drink Mix
  Gatorade #1
  Gatorade #2
  Juice-Fruit Punch
  Seltzer Water
  Soda #1
  Soda #2
  Soda #3
  Soda #4
  Tonic Water

Household Items

  Aluminum Foil
  Cooking Spray
  Dish Soap
  Dryer Sheets
  Garbage Bags (Size?)
  Laundry Detergent
  Paper Plates
  Paper Towels
  Plastic Cups
  Plastic Utensils
  Plastic Wrap
  Ziploc Bags (Size?)

Toiletries, Personal, Misc. Items

  Air Fresheners
  Aloe Vera
  Baby Food
  Baby Wipes
  Beach Bags
  Beach Chairs
  Beach Towels
  Fresh Flower Bouquet
  Fresh Hawaiian Leis
  Pain Killers
  Playing Cards
  Razor Blades
  Sun Tan Oil (SPF?)
  Sunscreen (SPF?)
  Toilet Paper

Wine, Liquor, & Beer

Alochol Agreement (All Fields Required If Purchasing)

*In order to purchase any products that contain alcohol you must complete all of the above information. Any incomplete forms will not receive the Wine, Beer, & Spirits associated with their order


Red Wine

  Duck Pond-Pinot Noir
  Bourgogne-Pinot Noir
  Meiomi-Pinot Noir
  Saintsbury-Pinot Noir
  Patz and Hall-Pinot Noir
  Flowers-Pinot Noir
  Belle Gloss, Dairyman-Pinot Noir
  Robert Mondavi-Merlot
  Stags Leap-Merlot
  Grgich Hills-Merlot
  Gascon, Reserva-Malbec
  E.Guigal, Cote Du Rhone
  Chapourtier Bernardi-Chateau.
  Joseph Drouhin-Beaujolais Vill.
  Ruffino, Riserva Ducale-Chianti
  D'Arnberg, Stump Jump-Blend
  J.Lohr-Cabernet Sauvignon
  Chateau St. Michelle-Cab. Sauv.
  B Side-Cabernet Sauvignon
  Ferrari Carano-Cabernet Sauv.
  Jordan-Cabernet Sauvignon
  Frank Family-Cabernet Sauvignon
  Heitz and Cellar-Cabernet Sauv.
  Stags Leap, Artemis-Cab. Sauv.
  Cliff Lede-Cabernet Sauvignon
  Silver Oak, Alexander-Cab. Sauv.
  Silver Oak, Napa Valley-Cab. Sauv.
  Orin Swift, Machete
  The Prisoner
  Estancia, Meritage
  Joseph Phelps, Insignia
  *Other-Red Wine
  *Other-Red Wine


Premium Liquors

  Appleton Estate 21 Year Rum
  Hendricks Gin
  Hennessy Black
  Johnny Walker Blue
  Rhum Clement XO
  Roca Patron Anejo
  Remy Martin XO
  Stolichnaya Elite Vodka
  The Macallan 10
  The Macallan 12
  *Other-Premium Liquor


  Bombay Sapphire
  Death's Door


  Bacardi Gold
  Bacardi Silver
  Captain Morgan
  Malibu Rum
  Mount Gay
  Sailor Jerry


  Deep Eddy
  Grey Goose
  Ketel One


  1800 Silver
  Don Julio
  El Jimador
  Jose Cuervo
  Patron Reposado
  Patron Silver



  Quantity of 1 = 1 six-pack
  Blue Moon
  Bud Light
  Coors Light
  Kona Brewing Company
  Maui Brewing Company
  Miller Genuine Draft (MGD)
  Miller Light
  Primo Hawaii's Beer
  Samuel Adams
  Sierra Nevada
  Stella Artois

White Wine

  Santa Margherita - Pinot Grigio
  King Estate-Pinot Gris
  Stella Rosa-Moscasto D'Asti
  Dr. Loosen-Riesling
  Chateau St. Michelle-Riesling
  Oyster Bay-Sauvignon Blanc
  Kim Crawford-Sauvignon Blanc
  Cloudy Bay-Sauvignon Blanc
  Duckhorn-Sauvignon Blanc
  Pine Ride-Chenin Blanc/Viognier
  Joseph Drouhin-Chablis
  Kendall Jackson-Chardonnay
  La Crema-Chardonnay
  Ferrari Carano-Chardonnay
  Mer Soleil-Chardonnay
  Chalk Hill, Sonoma Coast-Chard.
  Paul Hobbs-Chardonnay
  Far Neinte-Chardonnay
  *Other-White Wine
  *Other-White Wine

Sparkling & Champagne

  Korbel, Brut
  Piper Sonoma
  Santa Margherita - Prosecco
  Tattinger, Brut
  Tattinger - Rose
  Moet & Chandon
  Nicolas Feuillatte-Rose
  Henriot, Brut
  Veuve Cliquot, Yellow Label
  Vueve Cliquot, Rose
  Vueve Cliquot, La Grande Dame
  Dom Perignon
  Roederer Cristal
  Roederer Cristal Rose
  *Other-Sparkling & Champagne

Hawaiian Wines

  Hula O'Maui-Sparkling (Maui)
  Maui Blanc (Maui)
  Upcountry Gold (Maui)
  Mele-Red Blend (Maui)
  Volcano Winery-Red Blend (HI)
  *Other-Hawaiian Wine

Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, & Brandy

  Courvoisier Cognac
  Crown Royal
  E&J VSOP Brandy
  Jack Daniels
  Johnny Walker Black
  Johnny Walker Platinum
  Jim Beam
  JP Wiser's
  Knob Creek
  Maker's Mark
  Southern Comfort
  The Balvenie
  Wild Turkey
  Woodford Reserve

Other Liquors & Mixes

  Bloody Mary Mix
  Campari Liqueur
  Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
  Creme De Menthe
  Grand Marnier
  Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix
  Mai Tai Mix
  Midori Melon Liqueur
  Pina Colada Mix
  Simple Syrup
  Sweet and Sour Mix
  Sweetened Lime Juice
  Triple Sec

Hawaiian Liquors

  Deep Island Hawaii Rum (Maui)
  Hawaiian Moonshine (Maui)
  Maui Reserve Gold Rum (Maui)
  Ocean Organic Maui Vodka (Maui)
  Okolehao Liqueur (Maui)
  Paniolo Blended Whiskey (Maui)
  *Other-Hawaiian Liquor

Cider & Other Alcoholic Beverages

  Quantity of 1 = 1 six-pack
  Angry Orchard Cider
  Bud Light Margaritas
  Henry's Hard Soda
  Mike's Hard Lemonade
  Redds Apple Ale
  Smirnoff Ice

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